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The Paper King
California Dreamin'
I Rippa Dose
Rock Age



© 1986 all rights reserved

California Dreamin' CoverProtano Entertainment Inc.At a typical American High School, a senior named Julie, voted “most shy” by her class, wins a songwriting contest and a trip to Hollywood to appear on the very popular Soapy Sudds television show. Julie invites Trish, her brazen cousin and best friend, to go along. News of the trip upsets class president Tommy, who has a secret crush on Julie, when Tommy learns that a passionate rock star named Wolfgang will also be on the show. Matters are made worse when Julie’s English teacher, Miss Ima Plotz, agreeing to accompany the girls as chaperone, upsets her secret admirer, Principal Ralph Rumpkiss, by allowing Soapy Sudds to flirt with her on national television. Tommy and Principal Rumpkiss fly to California where they confront Soapy and Wolfgang, Ima and Julie.

Julie – a high school sweetheart
Tommy – her secret admirer
Trish – a straight-talking, fun-loving H.S. senior
Randy – Tommy’s persistent, skirt-chasing friend
Ima Plotz – a high school English Teacher
Ralph Rumpkiss – high school Principal
Soapy Sudds – television variety show host
Wolfgang – rock star appearing on the Soapy Sudds Show
Hollywood – Julie’s competition for top songwriter

Jack – Tommy’s rival and star of the H.S. football team
Coach Callous – head football coach
Big Bob Aloha – Hawaiian country-western star on
The Soapy Sudds Show
Soapy Sudds Show Manager
The Soapy Sudds Dancers

The Devines – Holly Wood’s back-up singers – also – beachcombers; high school students; football players; and cheerleaders.


RUNNING TIME: 1 Hour 45 minutes

Due to the setting and nature of this show, a huge cast can be used, if desired. The entire football team and cheerleading squad, as well as other groups from the student body can participate as themselves.



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LYRICS (scroll to see more):

1.  "Temptation"
Temptation, on one of these nights.
An invitation, and it'll be so right. 
For your just the right size,
With just the right style. 
And I know if we touch,
The sparks will fly.
'Cause when you look in these eyes,
You'll recognize.  (hunh)
Temptation, temptation.

2.  "Sincerely Yours"
From this funny, sunny scene.
Where the heat burns the pavement,
And evaporates the dreams.
And the body of my letter,
Is my body nearby yours.
And how much I remember, the feeling in your voice.
And I sign myself, sincerely yours.
I sign myself, sincerely yours.



© 1984 & 1985 all rights reserved
music by Janice Protano; lyrics by Robert Sim




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